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Number of drug information service qualification certificate: (Hubei)-non-operating-2010-0061

R&D center
R&D center was founded in 2002. AT present, it owns strong R&D situation and technical ability. It owns completed organization. There are five doctors and 9 senior engineers.

First, Wuhan R&D center
It employs 5 relative doctors and famous professors to develop the relative products with the strategy of development to hold the latest technical news and highlights the development trend of world advanced enterprises’ technical center. They can carry on primary research to form strong technical storage ability. At the same time, through the preheat technology research, it can cultivate senior S&T talents.

Second, Headquarter R&D center
It mainly engages in the absorption, research, improvement and holding of the S&T results of Wuhan R&D center. Transfer the results into production.

Third, production technical innovation office
It mainly manages the improving of products’ technology, including: improvement of product quality, yield improvement, cost reduction, production efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, the production process, security, stability, improvement, etc.